About Melchior Management Corporation

Melchior Management Corporation has been providing high quality property management services since 1984, and our service excellence has been reflected in the tremendous growth of our client base.

Today we provide complete, top quality property management services for over 1,500 residential units.

We also manage approximately 600,000 square feet of commercial plazas and professional office / medical buildings throughout Central Ontario.We are also the first Property Management Company in Barrie that has successfully met the Property Management requirements of the Certified Rental Building Program, and can bring the CRB-APPROVED status to your properties.

At Melchior Management Corporation our philosophy is that "Good Property Management Doesn't Cost - It Pays!". We understand that the motivating factor behind ownership of every income-producing property is the bottom line. We apply our specialized knowledge to maximize returns while exploiting every opportunity to enhance the capital value of each and every property we manage.