Our Team

We employ a staff of experienced property managers, who among other duties perform site inspections of each property we manage on a regular basis. We understand that the early detection of maintenance requirements in a building ultimately saves expense and inconvenience for landlords and tenants. As an extra assurance, the property managers are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to deal with any emergencies that may arise.

The property managers also assume all responsibility with respect to recruitment and supervision of necessary on-site personnel. Superintendents must meet our good housekeeping requirements and they are provided with on-going training and support in areas such as safety and tenant relations.

We market your property in the most appropriate venue, using our skills and resources to attract responsible tenants in a timely fashion. We monitor tenant relations to avoid potential problems whenever possible.

Our field staff are supported by trained, competent office staff, including separate accounts payable and accounts receivable clerks. All employees that deal with money are bonded for your security. Our accounting department is fully computerized with the latest software, which allows periodics such as tax installments and mortgage renewals to be dealt with in a timely fashion, saving you aggravation and time.