The Melchior Management Corporation's Legal Department has staff which represents our clients at the Ontario Rental Housing Tribunal, the Assessment Review Board, various City Committees, including Barrie's Committee of Adjustments, Small Claims Court, and other Tribunals and Courts as required.

Our legal staff is experienced and highly respected by the Courts and Tribunals. Melchior Management Corporation provides solid and professional representation, with consistent positive results for our clients from routine to highly complicated issues.

We also provide tenant reference checks, credit checks, lease agreements, and consultation and mediation services in relation to situations that may arise during both commercial and residential tenancies.Our Licensed Paralegal has been appointed a "Commissioner of Oaths" in the Province of Ontario, and as such, we are able to swear documents and affidavits, in addition to preparing same should the need arise. In meeting with our clients, we are able to provide hours suitable to your busy schedule.