Melchior Management Corporation manages a large portfolio of properties. We are therefore able to negotiate substantial savings on products and services for our customers. One example of how this can work in your favour, is that, if you choose to be insured under our owner Liability Insurance Policy you will receive extremely broad coverage, at a lower premium cost to you. Melchior Management Corporation provides the following services for Residential Properties. Additional services are also available upon request.

  • Hiring and supervision of resident manager(s) and /or Superintendents
  • Supervision of contractors working on the property
  • Coordination of building and grounds maintenance
  • Arranging all other contractual services
  • Arranging for the purchase of equipment and supplies
  • Provide superior insurance with lower deductibles and lower premiums through our umbrella policy
  • Collecting and recording all income
  • Paying all invoices
  • Providing monthly statements of income and expenses
  • Preparation of an annual budget
  • Coordinate any involvement with legal services and Tribunals